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Understanding customers attributes
Understanding customers attributes
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Attributes are the crux of your customer profile and are made up of properties that define the customer. It represents unique information for the contact, covering a profile overview, identity graph, what segments the profile belongs to, channel-wise marketing consent, and the device in use. These attributes can be used to craft personalized segments for targeted campaigns.

Any ‘contact profile’ on Lifesight has the following attributes:

General attributes

  • Last seen

  • Updated Date

  • Last order name

  • Total spent

  • Orders Count

Identity Graph

  • Name

  • Address

  • Email

  • Phone

  • Shopify ID

  • Fbc

  • Fbp

  • Ga

  • Gid

  • Fbclid

  • Gclid

  • Msclkid

  • ttclid




  • SMS Marketing Consent

  • Email Marketing Consent

  • WhatsApp Marketing Consent


How can you utilize customer attributes?

  1. You can build advanced segments of your contacts and enhance targeting based on specific attributes, interests, or behaviors, enabling your business to create more targeted and effective campaigns.

  2. Obtaining the required consent from individuals before sending marketing communications via email ( newsletters, discounts, product launches, etc.) helps to avoid spamming and other undesirable practices. It also helps businesses to maintain a good sender reputation, increase email deliverability, and build trust with their audience. Customer consent rules differ between email and SMS. It is essential that you comprehend these distinctions in order to comply with international laws while also maintaining a positive relationship with your customers.

  3. By tracking the device used by each contact, businesses can optimize their campaigns for different devices and ensure that their campaigns are displayed correctly on all devices.This can improve the user experience and increase engagement rates. Additionally, device information can be used to personalize content and offers based on the preferences and behavior of individuals using specific devices.

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