What are Contacts?

Lifesight captures data of customers and visitors, creating behavior models for personalized messaging and pre-configured segments.

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Lifesight captures and organizes the contacts on your Shopify store who have an email address and/or phone number as individual contact profiles. These Contacts could be customers or store visitors who have yet to make their purchase.

Lifesight captures a series of data points (both behavioral and transactional) pertaining to each contact, building a behavior model for each contact so you can hyper-personalize your messaging to them. This data also helps Lifesight offer a series of pre-configured segments to help you get started with the most important marketing flows and help you analyze your buyer's behavior.

Contact Attributes on Lifesight

Any ‘contact profile’ on Lifesight has the following attributes:

Account State

State of the customer's account. The state may be any one of the following:

Disabled: The customer doesn't have an active account. Customer accounts can be disabled from the Shopify admin at any time.
Invited: The customer has received an email invite to create an account. Enabled: The customer has created an account.

Declined: The customer declined the email invite to create an account.


Name of the city the contact resides in (picked from Shopify 'Default Address')


Name of the contact's company


Name of the country the contact resides in (picked from Shopify 'Default Address')

Created Time

Timestamp at which the order was created

Email Marketing Consent

Status of email marketing consent provided by the contact

Email Verified

Email verification status of the contact

First Name

First name of the contact

Last Name

Last name of the contact

Default Address

The default address of the contact


Province of the contact (picked from Shopify 'Default Address')

Orders Count

Total number of orders placed by a contact


Revenue generated from the contact

SMS Marketing Consent

SMS Marketing consent of the contact (True or False)


Tag associated with the customer

Zip Code

Zip code of the contact

These attributes play a key role in helping you segment your audience to send personalized communication and drive conversion. Our article on how to segment your audience effectively should help you use these attributes to your brand's advantage.

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