What are Segments

Lifesight allows the dynamic grouping of contacts based on event behaviors and traits

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Lifesight allows you to group your contacts by defining sets of conditions. These groups are what we refer to as segments. While lists are static, meaning they grow when people subscribe to the list or when you add contacts to the list. Segments grow dynamically as people fulfill a set of conditions or shrink as people do not meet the conditions. Given this, another difference between lists and segments is that segments don’t require any opt-in criteria in order for somebody to be added. Segments pull data from every contact in your account to create an actionable audience that is at the same customer journey stage.

On Lifesight, you can create user segments based on behavior and traits that and send them as custom audiences to you ad channels. These segments also serve as a set of conditions that trigger, personalized marketing campaign and automations.

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