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How to view segment details

Lifesight allows users to create and edit segments based on specific conditions

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Segments are created by defining a set of conditions that a contact is expected to meet to be included in the audience set. These could be a set of actions and/or behaviors that a contact has exhibited.

To view your segment details, click on the segment name in the table. You will be taken to the segment details page where you can see some stats, a user list and activities taken by the segment.

Viewing Segment Details

  1. Click on the tab titled ‘Edit’ to view the conditions defined for a particular segment.

  2. Add any changes to the conditions using the ‘+AND’/’+OR’ filters provided in the tab with the conditions.

  3. Hit ‘Save Segment’ to update the conditions and revise the segment.

Pro tip

As a best practice, it is recommended to use up to three conditions to define a segment. Adding on further conditions can often result in extremely minute subsets of your audience that you will target for communication.

Before freezing on the conditions for a segment, take a look at the number of contacts in the segment by taking a look at the segment landing page once you save a segment. You can refine the conditions by editing the segment to include either a broader or more specific audience.

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