Getting Started

Learn how to connect your Shopify store and set up your Lifesight workspace for success.

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Engage is a customer data and engagement platform that helps DTC and eCommerce brands unlock their true potential. Read on.

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A comprehensive guide to integrating new apps to your Lifesight account. View all your customer data in one place, with many views.

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Forms & Pop-ups

Learn how to create a lead capture funnel for your store using intuitive forms

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All your customer data sorted into individual profiles so you can have personalized conversations with them.

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Learn how Engage can help you create actionable groups of your audience via segments. Study pre-built segments that you can run campaigns for with little to no delay.

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Custom design abilities to manage retention campaigns through advanced email & sms personalization, segmentation, and scheduling.

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Create experiences that stay with your customers using intuitive triggers, messages and conditionals to increase your store's recall.

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Use pre-built, no-code SMS & Email templates such as Welcome, Abandonment, Post-Purchase & Winback Series to save time setting up campaigns.

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Gain meaningful insights for your brand's growth journey by using a single view of your marketing and sales reports from all sources.

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Account, Billing & Users

Go over your Account settings, your subscription plan and users in your team.

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