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Profile Insights
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Profile insights are crucial for marketing success as they provide a complete view of a contact. With Profiles insights, you can monitor the interests of your contacts and visitors with the pages and products they view, their purchases, reviews, potential future purchases, etc.

Profiles contain the following categories of information:

Customer Attributes - The right-hand area showcases unique information for each profile.

  • Overview: Overview properties are created automatically for each customer upon their first interaction with your website. The date update indicates the time of the last recorded touch point the contact has had with your store i.e. when the recipient opened or clicked an email, visited your website, made a purchase, and other details related to the account.

  • Tags: Tags are Shopify customer tags, used to create and identify customized groupings of customers.

  • Identity Graph: An identity graph provides a unified view of a profile based on their identifiers and interactions with your website across devices. These identifiers are username, email and also marketing identifiers like Facebook click id, Google click id, etc. An identity graph links all of your anonymous identifiers to known identifiers. The purpose of an identity graph is to update in real-time as more data becomes available to ensure you have the most accurate and up-to-date view of your customers.

  • Segments: It shows all segments a profile belongs to.

  • Consent: This information provides the status of marketing communication consent provided by the contact.

  • Devices: This information includes the type of device, such as a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone, and the operating system and browser used.

  • Reviews: The reviews tab displays all reviews and ratings provided by a customer on the products.

Events - Events are defined as any interaction a customer has with the business through a recognized touchpoint. These could include clicks from ads, page views, email opens, reviews submitted, and so on. Events can be used to build behavioral segments and trigger automations, which are extremely powerful for personalizing experiences.

Campaigns - Campaigns section provides a comprehensive overview of the types of campaigns that have been run for a specific profile. By displaying the campaign history and timing, this tab offers a holistic view of the personalized campaigns provided to the user.

Orders - Orders section provides a comprehensive view of all the purchases that have been made by a specific contact along with the attribution details, based on the filter selected.

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