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Profiles offer a comprehensive understanding of a contact's interactions with your store. In the Profile section, Lifesight integrates customer data from various channels, including sales and marketing, as well as other customer engagement touchpoints. It then organizes these profiles based on the extent of information available, such as the customer's position in the buying journey and their purchasing patterns within your store.

Lifesight categorizes your website visitors and customers into the following groups:

Profiles: Any visitor, user, or customer, whether anonymous or identified.

  • Anonymous Profiles: Individuals with an anonymous ID, without any unique identifiers linked to the profile, such as an email address or phone number.

  • Contacts: identified visitors or customers possessing one or more unique identifiers. These individuals have given consent to receive communications via email and SMS.

Why use Profiles?

  • Enrich user profiles with features

    With Profiles, you can enhance user profiles with additional data points. The traits include demographic information, preferences, purchase history, browsing behavior, or other static or computed data points.

  • Unlock deeper insights

    By using the Profiles feature, you can monitor the interests of your contacts and visitors You can understand a customer’s journey through your sales funnel or locate each customer across the histogram of customer metrics.

  • Deliver personalization and recommendations

    Using Profiles, you can ship personalization significantly faster by focusing entirely on activating key user features instead of cleaning and modeling data to build them.

  • Predict user conversions and churn

    You can leverage Predictive attributes to predict in advance whether a contact is likely to convert, or a customer is likely to churn or make a purchase.

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