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Getting started with Attribution
Getting started with Attribution

Learn everything you need to get started with Attribution.

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Setting up Attribution is simple and straightforward. Our platform is expertly crafted to integrate with your store and marketing channels effortlessly, assuring a streamlined experience for our users.

Here are the steps to initiate Attribution in your workspace:

Step 1: Connect Your Store/Website

Begin by integrating your store or website to monitor conversion events, which are crucial for optimizing your marketing expenditures.

For Shopify users, integrating your store with Lifesight is a straightforward procedure. All you need is admin access to your Shopify store and your Shopify store name. Get a step-by-step walkthrough here.

For those utilizing other platforms or having a custom website, it is necessary to embed the Lifesight Pixel—a JavaScript snippet—into your website's code to enable conversion event tracking. Get a step-by-step walkthrough here.

Step 2: Connect Your Marketing Channels

Integration with your marketing channels is essential to commence the inflow of advertising data into Lifesight, allowing for precise tracking of each channel's performance. This integration facilitates the gathering of vital metrics, including:

  • Spend, reported conversions and Impressions

  • Names of Campaigns, Ad Sets, and Ads

For detailed instructions on integrating each marketing channel, please refer to our step-by-step guides. Modifications and additions to these connections are manageable via the Integrations page in your account.

Upon completion, your Attribution dashboard will begin aggregating data, providing you with comprehensive insights.

Additional Recommendations:

UTM Tracking Parameters are short snippets of text added to a URL that serve data with sufficient granularity so you can clearly identify where your traffic is coming from and how much traffic is coming from each link.

By usingLifesight’s recommended UTMs in your Ads and marketing content, the platform will be able to paint a more comprehensive and accurate picture of how your prospects and customers move through your marketing funnel.

Check out our UTM implementation guidelines here for a deep dive into how to add UTM Tracking Parameters into each marketing channel.

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