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It's a pleasure to have you embark on your Lifesight journey. Our comprehensive onboarding guide is meticulously designed to navigate you through the initial setup of your account, transforming your data into actionable insights with precision and ease.

Sign up for an account

Upon your registration, you will receive an email containing your sign-up URL alongside your credentials, marking the beginning of your exploration within the Lifesight application.

Primary Integration: Connecting Your Data Source

A pivotal initial step in your Lifesight journey involves the seamless integration of your store or website. This crucial phase enables the aggregation of essential conversion data and the tracking of customer interactions, laying the groundwork for insightful analytics.

  • Shopify Users: Utilize the one-click integration feature for Shopify stores. Reference the Shopify Integration Guide for detailed instructions.

  • Non-Shopify Users: Integrate your website by embedding the Lifesight Pixel. Consult the Integration Guide for step-by-step instructions.

Connect your ad channels

Configure ad channel integrations to import ad insights from various advertising platforms. Lifesight offers integrations with Facebook, Google, TikTok, Snapchat, Pinterest, & many more ad channels. Each integration is a simple 1 click OAuth-based setup but requires access to the ad account. Check out the step-by-step process for specific integrations.

Lifesight provides native integrations with popular apps you may use for store/website operations. You can find a list of all our native integrations with their set up guides here. You can also request to integrate any additional applications with custom APIs.

Inviting Your Team

Invite relevant team members to join your workspace via email (specific users) or the invite link (anyone from the organization).

Get support

If you need assistance with setting up your Lifesight account, you can reach out to the Lifesight support team at [email protected] or speak to your account representative.

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