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Tracking customer events & attributes
Tracking customer events & attributes
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Every customer interaction holds some value for improving your business outcomes. While most of them may not produce any direct value, they could indicate and reveal specific behaviors, interests, intent, and so on about a customer. Therefore, implementing complete first-party tracking is a must for any business. Tracking these customer events and attribute changes is an important activity in building a single source of truth and being able to take the right action when the time comes.

In order to capture all possible data points in the most comprehensive way, we utilize client-side and server-side tracking.

Client-side tracking

In order to track customer interaction on devices such as laptops and mobile phones using web browsers, we implement SDK-based tracking on your website. This can be done either by installing a Shopify app or by installing and configuring our custom SDK code(Lifesight Pixel). You can read more about how to implement a custom SDK here. The SDK will automatically track certain events and you can configure any other events you would like to track. This setup sends every tracked event in real-time to our server.

Server-side tracking

Just like how events can be captured by customer interactions on the browser, customers would also generate server-side events such as purchase transactions, address change, etc. These server-side events can be integrated with Lifesight using webhooks or APIs either through installing Shopify app or integrating with our custom API or webhook. The API will get events either by receiving a webhook in real-time or will schedule data pulls at a certain interval.

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