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Designing forms on Lifesight Engage
Designing forms on Lifesight Engage

Learn how to create and customize forms on Engage to collect valuable information from potential customers.

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An Overview

Forms are an absolutely essential element of marketing. They provide businesses with the opportunity to collect valuable information from potential customers. By gathering data such as name, email, and preferences, companies can tailor their marketing efforts to better suit the needs of their audience. This approach helps to streamline lead generation and improve overall conversion rates.

Setting up a form

Creating forms on Engage allows you to collect information from your visitors. Here are the steps to create forms on an email builder:

  • Head to Forms on your left side menu bar, under the experiences section.

  • Click on “Create New Form”

  • Set up your form by configuring how and where your form will be displayed on basis of the Triggers. Choose your targeting by entering the Destination URL. Select your Exit frequency.

  • On clicking next you will be redirected to the next step where you can choose a form template. Engage offers various pre-designed form templates. Choose a template that suits your needs or create a custom form template from scratch. The drag-and-drop builder helps you easily create/add new properties to different sections of the form.

  • Once you have chosen a template, add form fields to collect the information you need. Examples of form fields include name, email address, phone number, and message.

  • Customize each form field to match your brand's style and design. You can change the font, color, and size of each field.

  • Add a CTA button to your form so that recipients can submit their information . Customize the button to match your brand's style and design. Click on Next or save the form template.

  • Once you’re on the ‘Review’ page, you will see a downward pointing arrow next to the ‘Publish’ on the blue button on the lower right-hand corner of your screen. Click on it.

  • A small pop-up opens where you can choose to either ‘Publish Now’ or ‘Schedule Start’. Click on Schedule start.

  • Pick the appropriate date and time and click ‘Save Schedule’.

  • Your campaign template will now appear in the campaign overview along with an icon stating it’s scheduled. You can also filter your view using the toggle on the upper right side to see the scheduled campaigns.

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