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Learn how you can invite your teammates to work collaboratively on your projects.

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When you sign up for a new workspace, the user setting up the account is is allotted 2 user roles, that of an Admin and a Billing Admin. Any subsequent users added to your workspace are identified as 'Admins'.

Lifesight offers these 2 user roles across all workspaces. Let's take a look at what each role allows you to do.


Every user added to the Lifesight platform is identified as an admin. An Admin can be added to a workspace via an invite or by signing up, and has access to all the workspace capabilities except subscribing to a new plan and editing.

Billing Admin

The person who creates an account and sets up a new workspace is identified as the ‘Billing Admin’. S/he can select a new subscription plan and edit the existing plan.

The table below should help you understand the capabilities of the different user roles better:


Billing Admin


Connect Shopify store

Cannot connect

Can connect

Create a new segment

Cannot create

Can create

Send a campaign

Cannot send

Can send

Publish an automation

Cannot publish

Can publish

Create templates

Cannot create

Can create

Add a new user

Cannot add

Can add

Subscribe to a new plan

Can subscribe

Cannot subscribe

Delete subscribed plan

Can delete

Can delete

Edit subscribed plan

Can edit

Cannot edit

If you're looking to add a teammate, our article on inviting new users to your workspace should help.

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