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Integrating MMM data using Supermetrics with Google Sheets
Integrating MMM data using Supermetrics with Google Sheets

Learn how to setup Supermetrics data integration with Google sheets using the extension

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Lifesight’s MMM requires historical aggregated data for ad spend, organic and KPIs. If you are a Supermetrics users, your data can easily be automatically integrated (and updated) into a Google spreadsheet using the "Supermetrics for Google Sheets" extension. This article contains the process of setting up the integration.

Step 1: Create a new Google Sheet

Type "" in your browser search bar and press enter.

Step 2: Launch Supermetrics

Choose "Extensions" > "Supermetrics" > "Launch"

Step 3: Open the Lifesight MMM template from Supermetrics Template Gallery

  • Click the Menu icon

  • Choose "Open template gallery"

  • Scroll down to CUSTOM and choose "Add template"

  • Copy-paste the following URL and click on "Add template" Lifesight Data Template: Lifesight Supermetrics Schema v1.7

  • Choose the Account(s) for each of your data sources, and click "Next"

    Please note that you can choose more than one account per data source by holding down the "Command" or "CTRL" key. Repeat for each data source. Finally, press "Insert the template".

    Also, if there are some data sources you are not using, you can skip them by clicking "Next" and then ignore the error message given by clicking the "Next" button again.

  • Supermetrics first inserts the template and then starts to refresh the queries
    Please wait for 10-15 minutes while Supermetrics fetches your data.

Step 4 : Add a trigger to Refresh the sheet daily

  • Once step 3 is completed head over to the schedules tab in Supermetrics extension.

  • Click on "Add trigger"

  • Set it to refresh daily at any time and save changes.

Step 5: Share the sheet with Lifesight

Share the new sheet that you have created with your dedicated MMM expert, and it will be used to create the MMM model and for the model to be refreshed later. Supermetrics will auto-refresh the sheet daily, fetching new data from each source.

If you have any further queries, please write to us at [email protected] and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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