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The Conversions tab on the Attribution Dashboard offers detailed insights into user behavior, extending beyond mere purchase transactions.

  • Non-Purchase Interactions: Explore significant user activities such as Visits, Add to Carts, Form Submissions, Sign-ups, and Initiated Checkouts.

    • Visits: Analyzes popular website pages, identifies acquisition channels driving traffic and shows CPA values for each of the pages.

    • Add to Cart: Highlights popular products added to carts, their quantities, acquisition channels, and product price information.

    • Initiated Checkout: Identifies most popular checkouts, corresponding quantities, acquisition channels, and product price information.

    • Form Submits:Shows most submitted forms, their completion rates, and acquisition channels.

    • Signups:Focuses on the number of signups and their acquisition channels.

  • Detailed Event Analysis: Obtain specific insights, including the most frequently visited pages, commonly added products to the cart, and items at checkout stages.

  • Channel Attribution: Identify which marketing channels are most effective for each type of event, enabling more targeted and efficient marketing strategies.

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