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The Purchases tab in Attribution, featuring three charts—Orders, Products, and Geo Insights—is crucial in shaping an overall marketing strategy. Here's how each component contributes:

Orders Chart:

  • Customer Behavior Insights: Analyzing order data helps in understanding customer purchase patterns and preferences.

  • Campaign Effectiveness: Assesses the direct impact of marketing campaigns on sales.

Products Chart:

  • Product Performance Analysis: Reveals which products are performing well and which aren't, guiding product-focused marketing strategies.

  • Price Point Optimization: Understanding how different products contribute to revenue can inform pricing strategies.

  • Inventory Management: Helps in aligning marketing efforts with inventory levels to maximize sales and reduce overstock.

Geo-Insights Chart:

  • Regional Marketing Tailoring: Identifies high-performing regions, allowing for region-specific marketing campaigns.

  • Localized Trend Analysis: Offers insights into local trends, enabling the creation of more relevant and engaging content.

The Purchases tab offers two sophisticated filters to streamline your data analysis:

  • Channels Filter: This allows you to categorize orders based on the UTM source value. Examples include Facebook, Google, among others. Utilizing this filter will enable you to understand the performance of different marketing channels effectively.

  • Objective(s)/Medium Filter: Employ this filter to sort orders by their UTM Medium values. This feature is particularly useful in analyzing the medium through which the customers were acquired, such as through specific advertising objectives or campaigns.


  • Attributed Channels: Each order is associated with its respective marketing channel(s), based on the filters applied. It provides clarity on which channels are driving your sales. It presents a detailed breakdown of the credit allocation for each advertising channel. For example, an order worth Rs. 999 might show a split such as 77.8% for CPS and 22.2% for Google, depending on the global filters set. This insight is vital for understanding the ROI of various ad channels.

  • Order Quantities and Values: The table lists the total number of items and the total value for each order, giving you a clear picture of order size and worth.

  • Order Sorting: By default, orders are arranged in descending order of their timestamp, ensuring that the most recent orders are displayed first for your convenience.

  • Customer ID: For further insights, the Customer IDs are interactive. Clicking on it will redirect you to the Orders tab inside the Profile Insights page.


  • Product Price: Lists individual prices for each product and variant, aiding in performance assessment.

  • Revenue and Orders: Shows total revenue and the number of orders for each variant, key for sales analysis.

  • Attributed Channel: The final column reveals the percentage of credit allocated to each advertising channel, according to global filters, providing insights into advertising effectiveness.

Geo Insights

  • Total Purchases: Shows the total number of purchases made in each geographical area.

  • Total Revenue: Details the total revenue generated from each State/City.

  • Attributed Channel: The last column, indicates the percentage of credit allocated to each advertising channel for each State/City, according to global filters, providing insights into advertising effectiveness.

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