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How to access Scenario Planner and create a plan
How to access Scenario Planner and create a plan
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Currently, the Scenario Planner supports creating scenarios specifically tailored to the Budget Optimizer of MMM. Follow the steps below to start creating a new plan:

Step 1: Accessing the Planner

  1. Navigate to the Scenario Planner Module.

  2. In the Planner section, you will find a list of all the plans you have created, along with all scenarios within each plan.

Step 2: Creating a New Plan

  • Click on the “Create Plan” button to initiate a new plan.

  • Select the MMM model on which you want to base your scenario. This model will serve as the foundation for your scenario planning.

Step 3: Defining Your Scenario

  1. Choose the goal of your scenario and set the target. You can opt to:

    1. Optimize for budget

    2. Optimize for ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) / CPA (Cost per Acquisition)

  2. Select a historical period you wish to analyze for optimizing your future budgets. This can be based on past performance data.

  3. Decide on the time frame for optimization: next week, month, or quarter.

  4. You can set budget constraints for different platforms to keep your budget within specified limits. You can also opt from preset modes—Conservative, Moderate, or Aggressive—to manage your spending:

    • Conservative: The existing budget constraints are adjusted to 0.75 times for the lower limit and 1.5 times for the upper limit.

    • Moderate: Budget constraints are modified to 0.5 times for the lower limit and doubled for the upper limit.

    • Aggressive: The budget limits are significantly altered to 0.01 times for the lower threshold and 4.99 times for the upper threshold.

  5. After configuring your scenario, click the “Run Scenario” button.

The system will process your inputs and present insights and recommendations for your marketing strategy.

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