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Scenario Planner
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Scenario Planner enables users to simulate future scenarios and prepare strategic responses. You can envision how the market may evolve and test how different mixes or spend levels may impact your results, gaining a competitive edge. This will facilitate informed decisions and optimized marketing tactics, to drive desired business results while minimizing risks and uncertainties.

Key Features:

  • Budget Optimization: The Scenario Planner is currently designed to create scenarios that are particularly tailored to complement the Budget Optimizer feature within Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM). This integration provides focused insights on budget allocation strategies, enhancing the effectiveness of marketing investments.

  • Application of Constraints & Ranges: Users can apply specific constraints and ranges within their scenarios to fine-tune them according to their unique requirements. This feature enhances the precision of scenario planning, ensuring that the simulations are closely aligned with the company's goals and constraints.

  • Goal Selection: Users have the flexibility to tailor the goals of their scenario based on specific optimization objectives. They can choose to optimize for budget, ensuring the most efficient use of financial resources, or focus on maximizing ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)/CPA (Cost per Acquisition), aligning marketing efforts with financial performance indicators

Learn how to create a plan here. If you have any further queries, please write to us at [email protected] and we'll get back to you at the earliest.

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