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Recommendations section is designed to amalgamate insights from all marketing measurement modules in one place. It assists users in making informed decisions by providing triangulated data from different analytical perspectives.

Key Features:

  • Triangulated Insights: 'Recommendations' adeptly synthesizes data from Marketing Mix Modeling, Experiments, and Multi-Touch Attribution to offer comprehensive insights. This triangulation allows for a more nuanced understanding of marketing dynamics and effectiveness.

  • Outcome-Driven Approach: The primary focus of the 'Recommendations' module is to drive better outcomes across all marketing activities. By leveraging the insights, marketers can make informed decisions that enhance the effectiveness of their campaigns.

  • Centralized Recommendations: Marketers can access strategic and tactical recommendations in one central place within the Lifesight platform. This consolidation saves time and streamlines the decision-making process.

How to access recommendations

  1. Navigate to the 'Recommendations' section within the Lifesight platform.

  2. Review the synthesized insights from the measurement techniques for a comprehensive understanding.

  3. Apply the strategic and tactical recommendations in planning and executing marketing campaigns.

Detailed Overview of Module Sections:

  • Budget Optimization Recommendations: This section focuses on optimizing marketing spend across various channels. It utilizes insights from the MMM module to propose how budgets can be allocated for maximum efficiency and return on investment.

  • Experimentation Recommendations: Offers guidance on designing and executing marketing experiments, such as audience split testing or geo experiments.

  • Data Integration Recommendations: Provides advice on effectively integrating various data sources to gain a holistic view of marketing efforts.

  • Warnings: Identifies and alerts users to potential issues or anomalies in marketing strategies or data analytics.

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