Creating a new List
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To begin creating a segment:

  • Navigate to Lists & Segments on the navbar.

  • Choose List.

  • Click Create List in the upper-right corner.

  • Give your list a name and add any applicable tags.

  • Select the source. Lifesight allows you to upload contacts to a list in the following manner:
    - Upload CSV
    - Link to a form
    - Rule Based

Uploading contacts from a .CSV file

Before you begin

  • The file format should be . CSV - If your contacts are stored in a spreadsheet, make sure to save the spreadsheet as a CSV file before import.

  • The maximum allowed file size is 8 MB

  • The header of the file must contain at least “Email” or “Email Address” or “Phone Number”. Each contact in your file must have an email address or phone number along with any additional fields you would like to import.

  • Await Synchronization

  1. Click on "Upload CSV’

  2. Click on "Click to Upload" button.

  3. A file browser will appear. Navigate to the file you wish to import and select it.

  4. Your file will process, and you will be redirected to the ‘Map Attribute’ screen'.

  5. Map contact properties of your contact with contact properties in Lifesight. Then, click Next.

  6. Review your contact and click on ‘Import’.

Uploading contact with a Form

  1. Click on "Link to Form."

  2. Select the form and click on ‘Next’

  3. Users who have submitted the assigned form will be added to the list.

Uploading contact with a Rule

  1. Click on "Rule-Based List."

  2. Click on ‘Next’

  3. Click on ‘Filter’ and create your custom rule to make a list.

  4. Users who meet the assigned rule will be added to the list

Note: The rule will run just once and create the list according to the rule.

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