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What is multi-touch attribution?
What is multi-touch attribution?
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Multi-touch attribution is a marketing measurement approach that allocates a distinct level of credit to each channel based on each interaction point throughout the consumer journey. This approach allows marketers to assess the level of impact each channel has in facilitating conversions and at what point of the funnel.

Multi-touch attribution data equips marketers with actionable information, helping them make informed decisions about which channels to leverage for brand awareness and which ones to utilize as conversion-focused channels. Additionally, it facilitates the identification of channels that synergize effectively in cohesive marketing campaigns.

To bring this concept to life, consider this scenario: A consumer is exploring options for a new smartphone. They initially ignore a Samsung display ad but become engrossed by a native Instagram ad later. This reignites their interest and navigates them back to Samsung's website. The journey culminates with a promotional email that features a discount code, prompting the purchase. Each of these advertising maneuvers serves as a distinct touchpoint in the consumer's path to purchase. With multi-touch attribution, marketers can assess the collective influence of both the Instagram ad and the email, attributing the sale to these particular channels.

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