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Reports in the MMM Dashboard
Reports in the MMM Dashboard

Understand different reports and metrics from the MMM Dashboard

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From the MMM dashboard, you can view different reports for the models you create.

On the Overview page, you can view marketing performance reports based on historical data you have uploaded, and on the Budget Optimizer page, you can view the optimized budget plan suggested by the model and learn how to best allocate your fixed budget to different channels and get the most return.

Overview Page: You can conduct a preliminary analysis here based on the data that you uploaded or integrated. Understanding these reports is crucial for gaining actionable insights into your marketing performance.

Platform spend vs. KPI

The graph presents the spends from all platforms in clustered columns and overlays the KPI as a line.

Platform Engagement

The table displays ad spends on various platforms along with the corresponding impressions and/or clicks.

Actual Vs Predicted

The model predicts the KPI based on your historical data. You can analyze the trend line here to see how accurately the model predicted the revenue.

Share of spend vs. Revenue with total ROAS

Based on the input data, the model predicts the KPI for each channel. It represents which channels are getting the highest share of the budget vs. which ones are generating the highest share of conversions.

Incremental Revenue over Baseline

The table displays the predicted value of the incremental influence a channel has on your KPI on a time series. You can view your incremental revenue from paid media here.

Platform contribution

The table displays overall how much incremental contribution each paid advertising platform is bringing to the business outcome over and above the baseline outcome that would have occurred irrespective of paid advertising.

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