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In the Overview section, you can view and conduct a preliminary analysis based on the historical data you have uploaded. Understanding these reports is crucial for gaining actionable insights into your marketing performance.

Platform spend vs. KPI

The graph presents your marketing spending from all platforms in clustered columns and overlays the KPI as a line.

Model Input

The chart displays all input data, including data from integrations, in a clear, date-aligned tabular format. Review this chart to monitor data trends and evaluate the integration inputs over specific periods.

Correlation Matrix

A correlation matrix is a square matrix chart showing the correlation coefficients between two variables. The matrix shows how all the possible pairs of values in a table are related to each other. This chart helps in summarizing a large data set and finding and showing patterns in the data.

Each of your input variables is listed in both the rows and the columns, and the correlation coefficient between each pair of variables is written in each cell. The correlation coefficient ranges from -1 to +1, where -1 means a perfect negative correlation, +1 means a perfect positive correlation, and 0 means there is no correlation between the variables.

By clicking on a specific cell, you can visualize the correlation scatter plot of the two variables.

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