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Analytics Dashboard on Lifesight
Analytics Dashboard on Lifesight

Lifesight's Analytics Dashboard offers real-time reports to track the efficiency of marketing initiatives and customer responsiveness.

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Real-time reports are made available on the dashboard once your Shopify integration is complete. As you run campaigns and enable flows, your data updates dynamically, at the start of each session.

These insights are key to understanding the efficiency of your marketing initiatives and the responsiveness of your customers across all communication channels. These inferences are drawn from behavioral data spanning your contact’s actions on your store and on messages that your brand has shared with the contact.

Lifesight offers a full suite of native reporting tools that you can leverage for your data to give you actionable insights on your performance, understand what’s working and design your new campaigns accordingly. Lifesight's Analytics Dashboard currently offers you 2 views:


A summarized set of reports addressing how your store visitors are turning into customers and how many customers are now repeat buyers. These reports also cover the path that a contact has taken across the store and what brand initiatives have higher conversion affinity.


A set of reports that help you analyze your store’s performance over a defined time period. Take a look at where people are placing orders from, what coupons are they using the most and what a checked-out-cart looks like in your store.

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