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Elements of Profile Section: Campaigns
Elements of Profile Section: Campaigns
Updated over a week ago

The campaigns tab in the profiles insight section provides a comprehensive overview of the types of campaigns that have been run for a specific user. By displaying the campaign history and timing, this tab offers a holistic view of the personalized campaigns provided to the user and also assists in deciding on the next campaign.

Accessing the Campaigns tab under the profile section:

  1. Login to your account and go to the "Profiles" tab.

  2. Select the profile of the user. You can also manually search for the user.

  3. In user profile section , click on the "Campaigns" tab.

  4. Select the type of campaign available in the dropdown option of the filter: Email, SMS and All campaign types.

  5. The output will display the various campaign types that have been implemented for the user during the specified time period.

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