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How to customize the Cohort table?
How to customize the Cohort table?
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You can customize your cohort table in order to dig deeper into your customer data and derive insights for specific time periods and types of customers.

Date Range:

You can decide to focus on specific time periods for cohort analysis. We will look at all customers who made their first purchase in the selected period.


The time frame determines the buckets of time to group the cohorts.

  • Monthly (default): All customers who bought in January, February, etc

  • Quarterly: All customers who bought in Quarter 1, Quarter 2, etc.

  • Yearly: All customers who bought in 2022, 2023, etc


Lifesight currently provides six cohort analyses. Some metrics are directly from the data provided by the Shopify datasets, and some are a mix of data from Shopify and marketing data sources.

  • Customers

  • Orders

  • Revenue

  • Revenue per customer

  • Net Revenue per customer

  • Average order value

Get a broader understanding of each of the metrics here.


Turn on the Cumulative toggle to view how cumulative data adds up for the metric you have selected

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