What are Lists
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A list is a curated collection of contacts who share a specific attribute or have been intentionally grouped together. Lists are static and only expand when people subscribe or are manually added.

Lists allow you to categorize contacts based on the types of messages they're interested in, such as newsletters, announcements, or alerts. This makes lists an invaluable asset in marketing for targeted messaging and campaigns.

Lists are an essential tool in marketing automation that can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

A/B Testing: Ideal for segmenting groups to test different messaging or offers, lists help marketers identify what resonates most effectively with their target audience.

Personalization: Lists enable the tailoring of messages by categorizing contacts according to preferences, purchase history, or content engagement.

Event Promotion: Lists can be used to promote events or webinars to a specific group of contacts who have shown interest in similar topics or events in the past.

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