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Understanding the Flow Overview
Understanding the Flow Overview

A quick dive into the metrics and events captured on the Flow dashboard, to help design your automation architecture.

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The Flows Dashboard, under the Flows module, provides users with a comprehensive understanding of how their automations are performing. By displaying key metrics against each flow, users can assess the success of their set automations for specific events.

Flows Overview Banner

Flows Overview Banner on Moda

The overview banner helps with key metrics that ascertain the overall performance of all flows run on Engage, to date.

  • Conversions: Displays the overall conversions generated by the flows.

  • Revenue: This shows the overall revenue earned from multiple flows.

The search bar on your left under the Overview Banner helps look for the right flow using title match. Choose from the dropdown menu on the right to go through flows with different statuses at any point in time. Select from flows that are:

  1. Draft - Flows that are currently amidst design and have not been published even once, hence have no contacts enrolled.

  2. Active - Flows that are currently live and running series of messages to your contacts.

  3. Inactive - Flows that were active earlier and have been paused currently.

  4. All - A list of all flows that have been created on your workspace.

Flows by status on Moda

Flows List

The section beneath the search bar is known as the Flows List. Here you can see the following:

  • Name: Displays the name of the flow.

  • Entries: Indicates the number of profiles that match the trigger condition in the specific flow. This includes profiles that have have already exited the flow.

  • In Progress: This shows the number of profiles that are currently active in the flow.

  • Actions: Displays the number of total messages sent.

  • Conversions: Provides the profiles that converted and purchased from the store after clicking on a CTA via the flow.

  • Revenue: The revenue generated via the flow; wherein the customer received a message, clicked on the message and made a purchase in store.

  • Status: Indicates the flow status as Active, Draft, or Inactive.

  • Published: A toggle to choose if a flow has to be active (turned on for the profiles) or Inactive (turned off for the profiles).

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