Flows: Design experiences for customers

Use flows to set up a sequence of messages that speak to your customer in the moment.

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Flows (also referred to as automations and/or drip campaigns) are a series of automated messages sent to a contact which are personalized based on their previous behavior on your store. These messages could be emails or SMSs and are triggered by behavioral events (such as a contact viewing a page on your store, being introduced to a new segment or enrolling in your newsletter subscription). You can use data from any app synced on Engage to initiate, personalize or end flows for your contacts.

A flow (or a drip campaign) can consist of various different types of actions & messages. These may include triggers, events, actions, delays, and decision paths to help build a thorough and responsive communication journey.

Generally, flows consist of sets of personalized messages, time delays and decision paths wherein the contact responds by carrying out a certain behavior on the store or towards the brand. Let’s dive into a welcome flow as an example.

How Flows work on Engage

The flow starts when a visitor subscribes to a newsletter or sets up an account on a store. The visitor, who has now become a contact/subscriber for the store receives a personalized welcome email, introducing the brand. This is followed by a delay of 24 hours, to give the contact time to engage with your email and visit the store. A second email with a customer review is sent across after the delay, driving home the value previous customers have gained by making a purchase from the store. This is followed by a decision tree which helps a store decide whether it ought to roll out a welcome discount depending on whether the contact has made their first purchase.

Engage provides sets of pre-built flow templates that you can use immediately once your data has successfully integrated. Our article on ‘Pre-built Flows’ should help you explore them and get started.

In case you would like to build a flow ground up, our article on Setting up flows will provide you with all the necessary guidelines. We recommend you also go over how you can use ‘Segments in Flows’ before setting up your first flow.

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