Using the Flow Builder

Learn how to build an automated flow from scratch on Engage, including setting up start triggers, adding messages, and publishing.

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Wondering how to use the flow builder? Here’s how you can take it for a spin:

  1. Click on 'Create from Scratch' to build a new flow. You can also pick from our list of popularly used Flow templates.

  2. Name your flow.

  3. Any flow on Engage needs a start trigger to identify when to initiate a flow for a contact. Set up your 'Start Trigger' by clicking on the box at the top and choose from a list of events and activities that a contact may perform.

  4. To insert a step, such as a message, into your flow, click on the component in the sidebar to add it to the visual canvas.

  5. As you add an email or SMS location into the canvas, a light green drop zone will appear as you move closer to a drop point. Choose the right stage and drop the box there.

  6. Add a relevant message (email/SMS) from the saved or community templates that a customer would receive at this stage.

  7. Once a message/email has been added to the flow, you can use the right-hand sidebar to configure the message and sender details.

  8. Hit save to document the flow.

  9. Set the flow live by clicking on the 'Publish Flow' button.

Pro Tip

Design your messages and save them as templates before you start designing a flow template. This will help you pick the right messages and visualize a flow of continuous activities as the contact/customer would see the messages.

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