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Performance Report
Performance Report

Learn how to evaluate your Shopify store's performance with Lifesight's Performance Report.

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Real-time reports on your store’s performance are available and can be viewed under ‘Analytics’ in the left sidebar.

The Performance Report analyses how your store is performing in terms of traffic, conversion rate, average order value, revenue breakdown, and total orders.

How is your store’s performance recorded?

With the data being pulled from Shopify, Lifeisght gathers and unifies all your store and customer data and analyses how it is performing. It showcases the performance as metrics that you can evaluate and take into consideration as indicators of your store’s growth.

Where can you see the performance report?

Navigate to Dashboard and find the Performance tab in the top right corner. Click on it to view the analytics.

The analytics shows numbers and graphs that are easily readable.

What metrics can you view in the Performance report?

  1. Traffic - Count of store visitors over a period of time

  2. Page views per session - Average number of page views per session

  3. Conversion Rate - Percentage of store visitors that placed an order

  4. Average Order Value - Average value of all orders - excluding taxes, shipping, discounts, and returns

  5. Net Revenue - Total revenue after accounting for Discounts and Refunds

  6. Total Orders - Total number of orders placed by customers based on the selection of filters

  7. Revenue Breakdown - Revenue split across Total Revenue, Net Revenue, and Refunds and Discounts

Time period over which the metrics are recorded

The metrics can be viewed over a period of the last 7 days, the last 30 days, the last 12 months, or all time. With time-based comparison, you can clearly evaluate how your store is functioning and you can look at your growth patterns.

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