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Email Campaigns on Lifesight Engage
Email Campaigns on Lifesight Engage

Learn how to send one-time campaigns to your customers and drive repeat revenue for your store.

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Email is one of the most effective and versatile means of talking to your customers. Your Lifesight workspace comes equipped with an extensive no-code email builder to help you create incredible emails with hyper-personalized, AI-powered content. Well-outlined segments targeted with well-crafted email campaigns are a sure-shot recipe for success for your store.

Pre-requisites to creating an Email Campaign

Lifesight assigns an email address with a shared domain to each new workspace created. This email address can be used to send any campaigns. However, we recommend adding an email address with a custom domain. Here's a guide to set up a custom email domain.

Creating and sending an Email Campaign

  1. Looking to personalize your emails? Check out how you can use Merge Tags to your advantage.

Using Email Templates

Engage has a pre-built library of templates that you can use as is or enhance with the no-code email builder. See how you can create a new email template and add it to your Workspace Templates here.

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