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Audience split testing Insights
Audience split testing Insights
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You can access insights for ongoing and completed experiments. Access insights from your experiments by navigating to the Experiments page. This section provides a comprehensive overview of all ongoing and completed experiments. To explore the results of a specific experiment, simply select the desired experiment from the list presented.

The time-value graph will identify the total number of events performed by the customers that have entered the experiment over time from the respective groups, along with the performance.

In the drop-down menu at the top right, selecting 'Total' will prompt the graph to display the cumulative results of the chosen metric for both the treatment and control groups, measured over a specified period. Conversely, selecting 'Uplift' will enable the graph to delineate the 'Uplift' metric, which is defined as the differential outcome between the treatment group and the normalized control group. This feature allows for a clear, comparative analysis of the two groups' performances over time.

In order to perform an apples-to-apples comparison of these groups, turn on the ‘Show normalized control’ toggle. With this toggle on, we appropriately scale the Control group's revenue to equate to the number of customers in the Treatment group, resulting in the calculated normalized performance.

The table below provides a structured overview of the results.

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