Managing Email Settings on Engage

Learn how to set up a custom email domain on Engage to send emails with your branding and increase control over your sender reputation.

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When you set up your account on Lifesight, you are required to share an email ID at login. We maintain this ID to keep up our communication with you.

However, once you’ve set up your account and added your Shopify store, we recommend adding a custom domain and a specific sender email ID so your campaigns go out with a recognized name and branding.

What is a custom email domain?

Custom email domains help you send emails with your branding and provide more overall control over your sender reputation by using a dedicated sending domain. Any business can set up a dedicated sending domain.

By default, the app lets you send your emails via a shared IP address and a Lifesight domain (refer sample below).

Default email ID on Moda

Here are a couple more resources that you might find handy:

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