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Understand what Lifesight Engage brings to the table for your DTC brand's personalized communication plan.

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All plans on Engage come with features that democratize access to advanced capabilities for the modern eCommerce stack, that were previously only available to large enterprises, for smaller businesses.

Here's an overview of our offerings:

Pre-built templates

Leverage pre-built and proven templates for integrating data, automating journey optimizations, and delivering personalized content. Our template library offers over 500+ templates for emails, SMS, flows, and more.

Single customer view

Understand your customers like never before with our unified profile functionality so you can take action on disparate datasets. Our automated identity resolution engine streams real-time data from multiple sources and unifies it instantly for actioning complex experiences.

Customer segmentation

Build highly customized segments (basis subscriber/customer characteristics and events) that can be used to deliver personalized campaigns and experiences at the moment, building long-term loyalty and reducing the cost of customer acquisition.

Omnichannel campaigns

Deliver personalized campaigns using email and SMS to your customers. Seamlessly send one-off high converting content with an omnichannel approach.

Personalized messaging

Go beyond “Hello {first_name}” with personalization superpowers using unified real-time customer data. Deliver hyper-personalized content and journeys with data and decisions from your CDP.

Customer journey automation

Deliver automated and personalized customer experiences that optimize conversions through the customer journey. Our powerful templates and workflow builder components let you craft the perfect automation for your business.

Unified analytics

Get unprecedented insights with unified behavioral and conversion data that enables accurate reporting of your entire business health and the ability to make highly educated decisions.

Underlying CDP capabilities

Deliver all these hyper-personalized customer experiences with a full-feature built-in customer data platform (CDP) that enables advanced data collection, unification, and orchestration with a dedicated data warehouse.

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