What-if Analysis
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What-if analysis enables users to explore the potential impacts of various scenarios on their marketing strategies. This methodology assesses the outcomes of different actions, interventions, or treatments in a structured manner, providing valuable foresight into future possibilities.

How to create a What-if Scenario

  1. Assign a distinct name for the analysis to facilitate easy identification.

  2. Select the variable to be analyzed, encompassing options like marketing spend, campaign duration, audience targeting changes, or other relevant operational or strategic factors. Ensure the chosen variables are directly relevant to the scenarios under consideration.

  3. Input a target value for each variable, representing the intended change or intervention.

  4. Click the "Analyze" button to commence the what-if analysis. The system will simulate potential outcomes based on the specified variables and their target values.

  5. Results will appear in the Scenario Forecast section, highlighting two critical metrics: Current KPI and Predicted KPI, upon analysis completion.

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