Integrating with Gorgias

O-auth-enabled Gorgias integration ensures secure & complete access to all ticket-related information, for streamlined support operations.

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About Gorgias

Gorgias is an e-commerce helpdesk that transforms customer service into a profit center. Gorgias helps businesses improve customer satisfaction and increase revenue by offering streamlined support operations and deep integrations.

Gorgias integration is now live on Engage. This new feature provides users with access to all ticket-related information within their Engage workspace once Gorgias is integrated. The integration is completely OAuth-based, ensuring secure and protected data transmission.

Here are some of the benefits of this integration:

  • Display all customer data in one place during support conversations.

  • Edit orders, modify subscriptions, and refund payments without leaving the helpdesk.

  • Pull customer data into the helpdesk for easy access by agents.

  • Edit shipping information, adjust tags, and refund orders.

  • Create rules and macros for streamlined support operations.

Getting started with Gorgias in your workspace

Integrating a Gorgias Account

  1. Begin by accessing Lifesight and logging into your account using your login credentials.

  2. Navigate to the integrations tab, which can be found in the left section of the platform.

  3. Once in the integration tab, locate and click on the option for "Apps".

  4. In the search field, type in "Gorgias" to locate the integration option for this application.

  5. Click on the "Integrate" button for Gorgias to begin the integration process.

  6. Alternatively, you may choose to directly add the Gorgias integration by selecting the "Add integration" button and then choosing Gorgias from the list of available options.

Using event data to create better automations

Gorgias integration helps import data and events to create various segments based on the tickets created and updated in Gorgias.

This new feature makes it easier for users to organize and filter their data, allowing them to identify patterns and trends in customer inquiries and support requests.

Imported data and events from “Gorgias” can be used in Flow Triggers and Conditions, providing greater flexibility and control in managing customer interactions and support requests. This feature allows businesses to streamline their processes and improve the customer experience.

Attributes you can use on integrating Gorgias

Once the integration is successful, view and use the following attributes to create segments and trigger flows for your customers:

  1. Ticket Subject - The title or topic of the support request.

  2. Ticket Status - The current state of the support request.

  3. Ticket Created Time - The date and time when the support request was created.

  4. Ticket Closed Time - The date and time when the support request was resolved.

  5. Satisfaction Survey Score - The rating given by the customer after the support request was resolved.

  6. Satisfaction Survey Created Time: Time when a satisfaction survey was made.

  7. Ticket ID - A unique identifier assigned to each support request.

  8. Ticket Escalation Channel - The channel through which the support request was escalated.

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