Content Blocks in Email Campaign Builder

Explore what types of content and in-store references you can add to your emails.

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Engage's email builder is designed with a focus on the needs of ecommerce marketers. A good email emphasizes branding, clear messaging, and a strong call to action while being personalized and brief. Using the Email Builder on Engage, you can show your audience new products, collections, best offers, and discounts easily over an email and keep them coming back to your Shopify store.

Let's take a look at the components within 'Content'.


Columns form the building blocks of your email content. When you drag and drop a column on your email builder, you see an option to toggle the number of columns that a particular section of your email have been divided into, horizontally (we refer to these as rows).

You can choose between 1 and 4 columns in a single row and work on the percentage proportions of each column in the row. Toggle between different columns in a row, using the the tabs titled Column 1, Column 2 and so on on your upper right hand pane.

You can also edit the background color and padding, or add a background image to the each section of the column.


The menu is a set of links, highlighting where your readers ought to direct their attention in case they’re interested to view your store. You can drag the menu in to the email builder. Once the menu component is in place, click on ‘Add New Item’ in the menu section on your right hand pane. Type in the ‘Text’ or the name of your menu offering, add the concerned URL to a collection or a product on your store, and toggle between opening the link in the same tab, or a new tab, using ‘Target’.

You can also work on the formatting, padding, colors and layout of the menu to suit your brand.


Add in titles and primary text to your emails using the ‘Heading’ component. Change the formatting and color to suit the needs of your brand using the simple text editor at the top of your selected text. You can also use the global settings for headings, which are available in your right-hand side pane.

If you’re looking to personalize your messaging further, choose from our list of handy merge tags to introduce in to your text and set up context for your reader.


Add text boxes to communicate your main messaging, offer and sell to your readers.

You can change formatting, set up lists, add links and introduce merge tags into your text to personalize your emails better. Use the text editor that appears on top of your selected text to introduce these changes.


Upload your custom images in your templates. Choose to edit the templates by clicking on ‘Apply Effects’ in your right hand editor. Now, the edits to your images can be made on the Engage app itself.

Add relevant alt text and image URL’s to support your image. Add padding, background colors and more to enhance your email.


Use the buttons in the email builder to add links to custom destinations. You can embed custom URLs in the field and choose whether you’d like the links to open in the same tab or in a new tab.

You can also explore different formatting options that you’d like to add in (to the block and to the button itself) to customize your emails and bring them closer to your brand.


Add custom HTML code snippets in your emails using the HTML snippet. Use this to set up custom elements that are not a part of the campaign builder.


Section your email cleanly and clearly using the divider component. You can change the formatting and the style of the divider to suit your needs.


Embed your social media buttons, or links, using the component. Customize the buttons to suit your brand style, format the section and more on the app.


Add your products into your emails easily using a simple drag and drop feature. Choose how many products you want to show in the same row and add actionable buttons for the customer to check out and add to cart easily.

Format the section, change colors, setup and more using the edit options in your right hand side panel.


Drag and drop the coupon component to include your store’s offers in your emails. Choose from the dropdown list to select the coupon you’d like to show. Add descriptive text and a handy button to enable people to claim the coupon faster. Like all other features on Engage, this one also comes with the ability to format and edit the section.

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