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Understanding Customer Events
Understanding Customer Events

Track customer events and activities on Shopify to enroll contacts and analyze campaign efficiency.

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Customer events track a series of activities done by the customer on your Shopify store. These events recreate the contact’s journey on your store in the platform, and are triggers to:

  1. Enroll and unenroll contacts from relevant segments, dynamically.

  2. Enroll your contacts in relevant flows on Lifesight.

These customer events also help you understand the efficiency of your campaigns (refer Profile report).

Understanding Customer Events

When a customer performs an action, Lifesight captures specific metrics via the native integration with Shopify. Different data points are captured about each event; common events include Started Checkout, Placed Order, and Viewed Product and Abandoned Checkout. Each metric that is captured in Lifesight also has metadata, which provides pertinent information about the event.

For instance, Shopify will track the start of a customer's checkout as a Started Checkout event, which Lifesight reads and records. Periodically, data about the product(s) still in the cart, the quantity of each item, the total cart value, etc., are provided to Lifesight from Shopify. This data is stored as a customer event associated with a specific contact, and contains all the details related to a particular customer's behavior.

List of Customer Events

Here’s a list of the customer events you can find on Lifesight:


  1. Fulfilled Order

  2. Abandoned Checkout

  3. Added to Cart

  4. Cancelled Order

  5. Clicked Product Image

  6. Created Checkout

  7. Created Contact

  8. Paid for Order

  9. Partially Fulfilled Order

  10. Partially Refunded Order

  11. Placed Order

  12. Refunded Order

  13. Updated Checkout

  14. Updated Contact

  15. Updated Order

  16. Viewed Cart

  17. Viewed Page

  18. Viewed Product

  19. Viewed Product List


  1. Received Email

  2. Opened Email

  3. Clicked Email

  4. Dropped Email

  5. Bounced Email

  6. Resubscribed to Email Group

  7. Unsubscribed from Email


  1. Received SMS

  2. Clicked SMS

  3. Failed to deliver SMS

  4. Sent SMS

You can view the meta data associated with each of these events when you explore the filters. Find the definitions for all the metrics captured in the event meta data here.

In case you have any further queries, feel free to write to us at [email protected] and we’ll respond at the earliest.

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