Setting up a Custom Domain on Engage

Steps to set up a custom domain on Engage and DNS guidelines.

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Custom domain addition on Moda

To set up a custom domain on Engage, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Open the Lifesight app and head to your ‘Settings’.

  2. Click on the tab titled ‘Messaging’. You’ll see a page with 2 options on your left side.

  3. Click on ‘Email’. Here you can see the domain and email sender settings for your account.

  4. Click on the button titled ‘Add Domain’ on your right.

  5. Enter the domain name you use/plan to use to send out emails for your brand, and click on ‘Get Domain Settings’.

  6. You will now see a list of values under ‘CNAME’, ‘DKIM’ and ‘DKIM2’. Add these values in your DNS settings on your DNS provider’s website (such as GoDaddy, Bluehost etc.)

    1. Please note:

      1. CNAME value corresponds to the value against the field starting with a ‘www’ label.

      2. DKIM corresponds to the field marked with ‘s1._domainkey’ label.*

      3. DKIM2 corresponds to the field marked with the label ‘s2._domainkey’.*

    DNS keys on Moda

  7. Once these steps are done, head back to the Lifesight app page and click on ‘Verify Domain’.

  8. The authentication status will change to ‘True’ once the sender domain is successfully added.

Domain verified on Moda

* If your DNS settings does not allow you to enter DKIM1 or DKM2 records (for example: as in the case with GoDaddy, CloudFlare and AWS), please go ahead and make two CNAME entries itself corresponding to DKIM1 and DKIM2 ones (refer image below).

Adding DKIM and DKIM 2 records on GoDaddy

Adding Records to your DNS settings

Keep in mind that the procedures for adding these records may vary depending on the DNS service you use. You can find the guidelines offered by the most well-known DNS providers below:

Do not know the name of your DNS provider? Find it here.

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