Testing your email elements and links

Learn how to test your email elements and links using an HTML builder and review your email content for errors.

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A part of the process of setting up your email campaign includes testing your email elements and all the links placed within the email. To check if all the elements in your email are working correctly, set up your email on the HTML builder and proceed to review the template. Any broken links will have a warning against them (shown below).

To review your email content and ensure there are no slippages, once you're finished designing your email, click on 'Review'. Here, you will see a summary of all the clickable elements, buttons, and the respective links associated with your email. If you spot any errors:

  1. Click on the link you would like to correct.

  2. Replace the link with the corrected one.

  3. Review your email.

  4. Schedule/publish at will.

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