Overcoming business challenges using Lifesight Engage

We summarize some of the most pertinent concerns faced by DTC brands today, and solutions you can implement using Engage.

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The modern eCommerce stack introduces new functionality and complexities at the same time. Engage aims to resolve those challenges and create a seamless, personalized experience for your customers, irrespective of the channel you’re reaching them on.

Let’s look at some of the most pertinent concerns faced by DTC brands today, and solutions you can implement using Engage.

How do I manage…

High customer acquisition costs?

GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook & Amazon)’s monopoly has driven exorbitant customer acquisition costs through digital channels. E-commerce brands are struggling to keep up with the huge increase in costs and unsustainable advertising-based acquisition model.

Engage recommends driving growth through owned customer data and multi-level retention marketing. We help brands leverage their own data to drive growth with automated retention marketing campaigns that brands can design ground up. We also provide readily usable templates of the automation and messaging that are recommended by eCommerce experts across industries.

Difficulty in hyper-segmentation and hyper-personalization?

It is widely known that personalization is the key to helping unlock growth. To personalize engagement through the customer journey, up-to-date behavioral customer data needs to be collected and used.

Engage recommends centralizing your customer data on a single unified profile for each subscriber and customer. Customer data centralization ensures that brands have a holistic view of all potential customers' interactions with them. Engage enables this by bringing in data from multiple apps through single-click integrations, sorting your contacts into pre-built segments, and providing ready-to-go templates for all relevant customer messaging flows.

Disparate data silos?

The modern DTC stack is made up of dozens of apps for storefronts, shipping, post-purchase experience, SMS, and more. Many businesses may choose the alternative method of data integration (Zapier, Automate, Alloy, etc), which enables syncing of data across apps which is typically limited to operational automation and still does not fill all gaps in siloed data.

Customer data centralization is a different approach utilizing a data warehouse that helps fill these gaps and unify data to cover all possible use cases. On Engage, brands use the in-built CDP technology to sort through various data sets, unify them and draw unilateral, actionable insights into their customers.

Difficulty in building personalized experiences?

It is extremely challenging to build personalized experiences using traditional methods such as manual segmentation as modern consumer behaviors and journeys are extremely complex. Marketers need automation and data to power modern experiences, however, this can also be tricky to use.

We solve this with pre-built templates that are designed based on best practices and historical performance data. Engage's templatized and personalized automated content and experiences help you constantly improve the customer experience while growing at scale.

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